Thomas Ostermeier's production of »Hamlet« is an excess. Six actors give everything: they love and hate each other, they kill and they die.

How is the art of acting changing in times of the pandemic? Any physical contact can lead to infection. But isn't touch the greatest strength of acting?

The self-written script lists all touching that occur between the actors during the play and ironically sorts them into the categories »necessary« or »not necessary«. An absurd text emerges, detached from the actual piece. As protagonists, the actors appear with their first names and grotesque situations develop between them.

In addition to the booklet, a poster was developed that translates the moments of touching into abstract forms and refers to the play with minute displays and quotations.

The project draws attention to the precarious situation of theaters and actors during the pandemic.

Based on a production by Thomas Ostermeier. / Schaubühne Berlin

Lars Eidinger as Hamlet.