The kebab plate is considered a fast, uncomplicated, and unhealthy form of nutrition that is very popular in our society today. It is a quick takeaway meal that fits well with a fast-paced lifestyle. The high availability of fast food shows how strong the demand for quick meals is in our society. The kebab plate can therefore be seen as a symbol of a society that has little time and patience and often resorts to quick solutions.

This content level is contrasted with the traditional technique of tapestry, which requires a lot of time and patience. However, the grid of rows and columns is broken. Organic curves are created within the orthogonal system of the fabric through varying tension and pulling within the threads. Thus, despite the meditative technique, the impatient nature of an accelerated society is reflected in the gappy fabric. The form and color are inspired by a kebab plate.

56 x 70 cm; various wool, linen warp yarn, wooden frame / 2023

Exhibition: "sundays," offspace Fabrikstra├če 12, 2023.

Exhibition views photographed by Monika Martinez de las Rivas.