Weaving is structured orthogonally between warp and weft, thus determined by the primacy of the right angle. This imposed thread grid serves as the foundation for the fabric. In „strapaziert und entschieden“ rebellion takes place: the weft thread deforms the thread framework with tension and pull. A power struggle emerges between the two directions of warp and weft. The tension created by the weft thread leads to a change in geometry, resulting in yawning gaps, distortions, and deformations. Even the four right angles of the steel frame weaken and deform. The open thread ends on the reverse side provide insight into the complex interplay of the many different threads that come together to form a whole.

Different types of wool, linen weaving yarn, steel frame (250 x 200 cm).

Gottfried Brockmann Preis 2023, Stadtgalerie Kiel