2021 OTHER

Group project »Swamp« (in German: Sumpf) developed by the »Arbeitsraum« - an interdisciplinary collective.

The installation is the result of the physical debut of the group »Arbeitsraum«, which took place at a one week mini-residency at Free Radicals ( Floating University Berlin). It adresses the experience of being a group of »somethings« - locally and temporary.

»Swamp« allows correspondences to merge, traces are left behind, so that separate areas of organization and formation are formed and then flow into eachother again. The interaction draws a dynamic with and against each other without a focus, allowing ideas to grow organically into a polyphonic picture.

The installation was exhibited at the Futur 3 Festival in Kiel, September 2021.

Somethings: Jakob Braune, Joscha Brüning, Neele Marie Denker, André Finster, Stina Frenz, Jonas Fischer, Soffia Heese, Miriam Hartung, Johan Meister, Benjamin Unterluggauer